Isola #5 Review

Written by Brenden Fletcher & Karl Kerschl
Art by Karl Kerschl & Msassyk
Letters by Aditya Bidikar

Issue five of Isola was a bit disappointing, but more because of the confusing riddles from Moro and the unclear direction the book is taking after this issue. At this point there’s no clear answer what is really happened to Olwyn at the end of last issue and the beginning of this issue. But of course by the end, everything seems to be okay. From the outside looking in, it seems like Brenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschel wanted to change Olwyn back to her human form, but changed their mind near the end of the book.¬† From the very beginning the retaliation from the villagers and the outburst of Pring seemed forced in order for the story to move forward. The last thing I would want from such a good series so far is for Fletcher and Kerschel to feel rushed. If this is truly an ongoing series there is plenty of time for story, and plenty of time to really enjoy Kerschel’s amazing art.

As I had said before, Moro spoke in riddles in the beginning of the book and so did Asher when he appeared in Olwyn’s dream (or Isola, that’s still unclear). With a book that is monthly and a story that is truly deep in the fantasy genre, without a “brief catch up” in front of each issue, it’s easy to get lost in this book. Which unfortunately, by the time Olwyn is in her dream state, it was more appealing to look at the art than to figure out what was going on in the story.

With that being said, January 2019 can not get here fast enough, that will give the creative team five whole months to get their ducks in a row and get back on track for the crazy journey this series started with. Abnormally large animals, barbaric hunting clans, beautiful landscapes, and an amazing relationship between Queen and guard, or from what it seems now, maybe something a little more.


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