Isola #4

Written by Brenden Fletcher & Karl Kerchl
Art by Karl Kerschl & MSASSYK
Letters by Aditya Bidikar

A glimpse of the past shows where the journey to Isola started, and foreshadows an obstacle Rook and Queen Olwyn will soon face in order to continue.

As an immediate continuation of last issue, this issue although beautiful to look at, was very confusing with a flashback and dream sequence transpiring at the same time. It wasn’t until a second read that I was able to notice Rook waking up. The issue was very cramped and fast paced with everything that was going on. After the battle, the pacing of the story slowed everything down and felt like the calm before a storm. With high stakes and Queen Olwyn’s new transformation, it is highly unlikely that this story is slowing down any time soon. A small satisfaction was that a foreshadowing from the first issue became a reality which brings the question of if it is the spirit of Isola that keeps appearing throughout the series. And if so, what does it want? From what Brenden Fletcher andKarl Kerschl have made the idea of Isola to be, the spirit of Isola is still a puzzle and very on the nose for being depicted as a fox.

With the wide span of mystical creatures in this series, it’s hard to believe that the hunting clan will be the only antagonist in this book. They are clearly dangerous but seem to only be a thorn in the side of Rook and Queen Olwyn, and not much of an enemy for the foreseeable future.

Karl Kerschl & Msassyk continue to make a beautiful art gallery of panels each month. Highlighting numerous colors and hues and making each character shine in their own way.

With the lack of the fantasy genre in comics, Isola continues to exceed expectations with story art and even cover variants.


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