Ice Cream Man #1 Review

Ice Cream Man #1

Writer: W. Maxwell Prince
Artist: Martin Morazzo
Colorist: Chris O’Hallaran

I wanted to read and review this comic solely based on the title, and I am so glad I did.  This is only the first issue in the series, and there’s already a lot going on in this issue.  Rick, the ice cream man, is not your typical ice cream man.  He seems to be friendly with people in the neighborhood, people know his name, and always delivers their tasty treats, but that’s where he stops being your normal ice cream man.  Rick appears to have magical powers and he also is some sort of wolf man.  Those last two things seem ridiculous and outlandish, and they are, but they made this story so entertaining.  It wasn’t just Rick that made this issue enjoyable because a little boy and his pet spider made the issue worth wild as well.

Byron and Rupert, Byron’s pet spider, brought a lot to this story. When first introduced to Byron all appears to be normal, but that is until Byron goes home and everything is definitely far from normal.  Byron has been keeping a secret for two weeks at his home, and it’s not until the police come to his house and discover this horrific secret. Byron was trying to protect Rupert but only causes more problems, but Rupert does end up helping Byron and a detective at the end of the issue.

I want to know so much more about this story, so I will continue to read this series.  The writing was excellent and that art is a perfect match for the story.  I know I shouldn’t be adding another title to my pull list, but I want to see where this story goes.  This book contains elements of horror, comedy, and was even educational. I know about the Brazilian Wandering Spider and what priapism is now because of this comic book. Definitely pick up this issue because it’s fascinating and will leave wanting to pick up the next issue.