Heroes in Crisis #4 Review

Written by Tom King
Pencils and Inks by Clay Mann
Colored by Tomeu Morey

With another new chapter added to this amazingly strong story, we get ever closer to figuring out who exactly was responsible for the murder of so many heroes at Sanctuary. Heroes who were all there seeking help to better themselves by learning to deal with the PTSD they suffer from  living a life of Super Heroics.

We didn’t find out who did the killings yet, but we did gather more clues and evidence and the Jjustice League was able to interview the two main suspects. Harley Quinn who was confronted by Batgirl in what ended up being my favorite part of this issue. The raw emotion of Batgirl’s confession to Harley, that she too is broken after dealing with the trauma of what happened to her during The Killing Joke. This was a very intense scene that really highlighted what this story is about. That even the strongest heroes feel pain and are in need of saving.

The second suspect in this murder case is none other than Booster Gold, who faced his problem head on by accepting Wonder Woman’s lasso test, but this only further confused him as he was able to tell the truth that he didn’t do it. He still has his doubts that maybe he’s so far gone that he truly believes he didn’t do the killings. I loved this angle because it added a further layer to the mystery, and it showed us just how much the effects of PTSD can have on a person’s thought process, which shows us how we all deal this pain and trauma in our own ways.

One of my favorite parts of this issue was really getting to see the up close effects that PTSD has on our hero’s and also how others see and view those who suffer from this condition. Seeing how Tempest was dealing with the loss of two of his best friends and former teammates, Flash and Arsenal, truly brought a tear to my eye. I could feel his pain as he drowned his problems away with a bottle, and it made me happy to see that Donna Troy was there for her friend during his time of need.

There’s not enough words that can be said about just how great and consistent the artwork by artist Clay Mann is in this issue, his ability to perfectly capture and express the emotional toll felt by these heroes during such a dark time is truly unmatched, and I really feel like his take on these classic heroes is amongst the greatest of the current day. The artwork also does such a good job at making this all feel so real, I could feel the pain in Batgirl’s eyes, the pissed off rage Black Canary felt from the loss of Roy Harper, and the guilt that Booster Gold expresses from thinking that he might have committed these heinous crimes. At times the artwork brought tears to my eyes because it really brought the story to life in a meaningful way.

Ultimately I feel like Heroes in Crisis #4 is one of the stronger issues so far in this series, and I can’t wait to uncover more about this mystery and find out who is truly responsible for the killings. I think this issue did a great job adding on complex layers to the story while also advancing the plot just enough to keep you hooked and wanting more.

I give Heroes in Crisis #4 a 8 out of 10