Harley Quinn #32 Review


Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner
Art by: Bret Blevins & John Timms
Colored by: Alex Sinclair

While the last few issues have shown Harley diving into the political realm, in this issue, we just see some good ol’-fashioned carnage courtesy of Miss Quinn. The last issue ended with Mayor DePerto killing Harley’s new squeeze, Mason. Now Quinn is out for revenge. Harley Quinn is looking to kill Mayor DePerto in more places than just the polls.

Harley Quinn and Sinn are trapped by a couple of DePerto’s goons. Harley gets one to shoot her in the neck to get them to think she’s dead. In actuality, he really just shot a bomb implanted in her neck (likely from her Suicide Squad days), and that stopped the bullet. If that sounds weird and implausible to you, they point out how ludicrous it is in the issue.

Harley races over to DePerto’s place, but first she stops off to vomit on the side of the road. This may be my favorite scene in the issue. The carnage is fun, but it’s nice to see Harley react like an actual human being under the circumstances. She just saw her love get murdered in front of her, and I appreciate how the writers gave her time to process and grieve before heading into battle.

At DePerto’s house, Harley wastes no time mowing through the goons on DePerto’s payroll. The mayor hides in his safe room, locking Madison outside. Quinn ends up decapitating Madison and putting her head in DePerto’s bed Godfather style. She allows Madame Macabre to finish DePerto nice and slowly while Harley walks off into the sunset with Mason’s body in her arms.