Halo #2

Written by Alex Irvine
Art by David Crosland
Colors by Len O’Grady
Letters by Simon Bowland

As the Spartan-II2’s Blue Team travels through the mines for a recon and elimination mission, the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) defends the entrance with their lives.

With this new series for the Halo franchise, we get introduced to classic Spartans and the classic intergalactic enemy The Covenant. This was simply a safe story to tell. With the video game franchise of comics growing in popularity as of late, (Bloodborne, Gears of War, etc.) it was only a matter of time before Halo came back into the game. With how extensive of a universe the Halo franchise has, I have high hopes for this series, but this book does not have it quite yet. With the announcement of Halo Infinite at E3 this year, Dark Horse has the ball in their court to build on a great creative team and get both old and new fans running to the comic stands to get back into this franchise.

This story was as I said before, safe, it was only a small battle in a much bigger war. The writing was a bit bland. Soldiers in an intergalactic war are a bit expendable, that is understandable, but there was no character building, no world world building. The most emotion we get is from Cap. Whitaker who is trying to convince his men to not blow the entrance to the mines and just fight, but in the end, makes the command to blow the entrance. The dialogue was weird and not consistent with where it started, and no real build up for what’s to come in next month’s issue. With the lack of character building, the Spartan Linda and her unfortunate predicament at the end of this issue does not hit its mark. I don’t have anything invested in this character to care what happens next. But because of this title of Halo and the Halo franchise, I will continue with this series until it gets better. Whether that be when I get invested in these characters, or Master Chief enters the story and saves this comic.

The art was not appealing to myself, but it was consistent. The back to back splash pages were enjoyable to look at, but it was the only appealing part of this issue visually. This is only issue two, so there is still plenty of time for this creative team to really connect and create an amazing book in future issues.


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