Green Lanterns #36 Review

Green Lanterns #36 Review

Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Ronan Cliquet

I loved Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz during Sam Humphries run on Green Lanterns. Now the characters are annoying to me and I don’t much look forward to reading this title anymore. This issue is not bad, nevertheless, the characters are irritatingly silly and unbelievably smart; if that makes any sense? What I mean by that is they figure things out and you as the reader are just sitting there like “no way, you are not that smart.” Again this issue is not bad but it’s incredibly inane. However, the artwork is fantastic as always, and that has really been a saving grace for this title over the past few issues.

I think it’s time for the Green Lanterns title to follow some different characters. How about making it about Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner? Or Arisia and Kilowogg? Or freaking anyone else. Yes that would be perfect to switch gears like that, in my opinion… We actually get to see Arisia in this issue. She doesn’t have any real part in it but I always like seeing her because she’s awesome. Anyways, spoilers ahead.

Here’s a physics lesson for you. A singularity is the center of a black hole where matter is infinitely dense and nothing can escape; not even light. Our current villain is Singularity Jane and her powers are a derivative of this concept. She has the ability to eat light and matter in the same way a black hole does except she has absolute control over it.

In my last review I assumed that Singularity Jane killed Bolphunga’s father because, let’s be honest, it wasn’t very clear. Now I stand corrected. Simon and Jessica are in route to transport Bolphunga back to the Sciencecells and his father is with them. Jane crashes the party and literally eats the ship they were going to use to transport Bolphunga with her “black hole powers.” Why they were going to use Bolphunga’s ship to transport them instead of just flying them there with their rings, I do not know.

After getting jacked by Jane, Simon takes Bolphunga and his father to safety while Jessica goes toe-to-toe with her. Jessica tries to overload Jane with Lantern light by making her suck it all up… No pun intended… Jane then easily sucks up Jessica like it was nothing. No pun intended… Jessica is hurled into darkness where she falls for what she said felt like days, weeks. She hit the bottom of pure darkness and begins to relive the night her friends were killed, before she became a Green Lantern. Simon shows up to the fight and literally uses his ring to form a life preserver and shoots it into Jane’s mouth and fishes Jessica out. This is what I mean by how this title is becoming silly and inane. They make their escape and the issue ends. Next time we’ll see what happens in “Our Worlds at War.”

Out of 10
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