Green Arrow #47 Review

Written by Julie Benson & Shawna Benson
Art by German Peralta
Colors by John Kalisz
Letters by Deron Bennett

If there was anything to learn from this issue other than not letting a complete psychopath be judge, jury, and executioner of the public, it’s the fact that Black Canary looked freaking amazing dawning the Green Arrow outfit for a short period of time in the beginning of this issue.

Julie and Shawna make their finale issue short but very exciting. Ollie is able to subdue Citizen in a fashionable way and is able to make it a teachable moment for all the viewers of Citizen’s broadcast. Of course some will say this issue was a little on the nose with what Green Arrow was telling these viewers, but what more are we to expect from Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.

Since the beginning, this title has not shined away from the politics and the controversy of those politics in today’s society. It’s inspirational, it’s emotional, and it’s from the heart. The capture of Citizen was Ollie’s promise to himself and to Roy that he would be the person Roy always needed him to be. It brings Oliver full circle to brings him back to Earth. Humbling himself to rise up to the occasion to be an exceptional hero for Seattle.

In the moments of reflection near the end of the issue, Oliver talks about the chaos Citizen created and how it’s an ongoing battle, the fear of another Citizen rising after this will always be there. We see a panel of someone with a Citizen mask, something that closely resembles a wild dog mask. Maybe a future partner for Ollie? Or another foe.

This was a great ending to Julie and Shawna Benson’s run. Ending the issue in such a light hearted town to lift a little weight off of Oliver’s shoulders after what he has been dealing with. I can only hope whoever is picking up the torch after these two can really keep it burning.


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