Go Go Power Rangers #15 Review: The Trial of the Dragon Power Coin

Written by Ryan Parrott
Art by Eleonora Carlini
Colors by Raul Angulo
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

What would teenagers with attitude be without a little teen drama? With Skull and Kim out on a date and Trini and Jason able to read each other’s mind, it was only a matter of time before reality came crashing down for the Rangers. This issue has got to be the weakest of Parrott’s writing in this series. Although entertaining and amusing, there just wasn’t enough progression in this story.

Now I don’t want to get into my personal life, but I completely understand the vulnerability of Kim and Jason at this time. Kim still hung up on Matt and Jason worried about his father, I get it. But this just didn’t feel like the right time to push those stories forward. I would have enjoyed this story so much more if it had just been about the other two story points this issue contained. The evil plotting of Baboo, and the exploration of the Temple of Repulsa. Or if Parrott wanted it to be a story about Rangers, it could have elaborated on who was covering for Trini and Jason in the last issue, (that has yet to be answered and I’m afraid it may fall victim of this very same problem in this issue) and then talk about Kim and Jason’s struggles.

One thing is very apparent now that it has been done in the past two issues, Ryan Parrott seems to be interested in the teams past. Last issue we saw a glimpse of Jason’s past, this time Tini’s. Where is Parrott attempting to go with each of these, and will it go forward? I think it would be in poor taste to start a formulaic routine of showing each following Ranger in a flashback at the beginning of issues to come. Then again, Go Go Power Rangers is a set in the past, and we already know their future in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers title. I guess the only uncharted territory would be the past.


You can pick up your copy of Go Go Power Rangers #15 at your local comic book shop or at the BOOM! Studios website.

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