Gideon Falls #3 Review

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Steve Wands

The mystery in Gideon Falls #3 continues to unravel but at a slower pace in this issue, but that’s not a problem at all. Although this issue moves at a deliberate pace, it is still full of insightful and new plot points that keep the story moving forward.

One of the things Father Fred has to do is try his best to keep to community of Gideon Falls together. He has a hard time wrestling with this because he is new in town himself, and Father Tom, the former pastor, has been charged with the murder of Gene Tremblay. That’s a lot for a new pastor to endure, and he himself was under investigation for her murder. He is supposed to lead his flock through these tough times, but it is difficult even for a man of the cloth to do so. The struggles can be seen as he is preparing his sermon, but he finds the motivation and gives an excellent sermon.

Dr. Xu is still trying to wrap her head about what she saw in the last issue. She saw the black barn Norton was talking about and a mysterious hideous figure as well. She tries to talk everything out with Norton but seemingly talks herself out of believing what she saw. Norton knows what she saw is true, because if she didn’t think so, she wouldn’t have come to speak with him in the first place. Norton knows that Dr. Xu is skeptical of what she saw, but he knows it’s only a matter of time before she’s fully on board.

This issue also saw the introduction of two new characters who were previously mentioned in the prior two issues. First, Joe Reddy is introduced, and he is only seen briefly in the first issue. He was driving the school bus in the first issue, and Father Fred meets him after his sermon in this issue. He appears to be a tad too friendly and a little too eager to have the priest over at his house. This issue also introduces Doc Sutton who was mentioned in issue two by one the deputies. Father Fred meets him toward the end of the issue and has a lot thrown on his plate by Doc Sutton. Doc Sutton believes there’s a holy war coming, and that Father Fred is now a part of that war.

This issue wasn’t as fast paced as the others but still had a lot going on in the issue. I want to see how Doc Sutton and Joe Reddy develop because both seem to be intriguing characters. I also want to see if Dr. Xu actually starts to believe Norton, because my gut says she will, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she flips the script on him.  And as usual, Andrea Sorrentino and Dave Stewart are magnificent in this issue as well. If you haven’t jumped on board please do because it’s only three issues in, and I have a feeling Jeff Lemire is going to tell an amazing story.