Gideon Falls #2 Review

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Andrea Sorrentino
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Letterer: Steve Wands

The mystery continues in Gideon Falls #2, but a lot of questions arise as well. At the end of the first issue, Father Fred wakes up to see Father Tom next to his bed and shortly after discovers the dead body of Mrs. Tremblay.  Of course Father Fred didn’t murder her, but he’s having a tough time trying to convince the police.  During the course of the investigation, the authorities discover that Father Fred has a checkered past. While all this is going on, Norton has his own issues to deal with.

Norton is trying his best to resist the urge to search through trash, but does so unsuccessfully. It’s not entirely his fault because Dr. Xu talks him into doing it so she can discover what he is really looking for, which are pieces of the black barn.  As the issue progresses, Norton’s apartment is broken into, and the samples he has been collecting for the black barn are stolen.  Norton goes to Dr. Xu for comfort, but it only seems to solidify her notion that he should be committed again. As the issue ends, Dr. Xu sees something that she can’t believe and has no choice but to believe Norton now.

Gideon Falls is only two issues in, but it continues to amaze.  This issue continues to show that Father Fred and Norton are somehow linked to the murders taking place in Gideon Falls, but don’t quite know how just yet.  Father Fred and Norton both know about the black barn, but nothing else for whatever reason. That does change though when Norton tells Dr. Xu and the mysterious image she witnesses at the end of the issue.  Father Tom also makes an appearance in this issue, and he only strengthens the bond Father Fred and Norton may have. I have no idea where Jeff Lemire is taking this story, but I can’t wait to see. Andrea Sorrentino and Dave Stewart continue their fantastic work on the art as well.

Sorrentino and Stewart are on their “A” game once again on this issue.  Whether its Norton’s ransacked apartment, the discovery of Father Tom, or the mysterious figure Dr. Xu sees at the end of the issue, these two are just remarkable.  Andrea Sorrentino’s style is most definitely suited for the eerie and mysterious, so this book is perfect for him.  Gideon Falls is just starting, so check it out because it is worth reading and the most definitely pull list worthy.