Ghostbusters: Crossing Over #4 Review

Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Dan Schoening
Colorist: Luis Antonio Delgado
Letterer: Neil Uyetake

The Ghostbusters are all mixed up in this issue, and it is not boding well for them.  The teams are scattered throughout different dimensions, and they are not with their usual teams.  Erik Burnham continues to nail the voices of all the members of the Ghostbusters.  He has a handle on Holtzman, Venkman, and Spengler, and of course he does, if he didn’t he wouldn’t be the quintessential Ghostbusters writer. It’s the little interactions among the characters that bring everything together. For example, when the Winston Zeddemore of Prime dimension and the Winston Zeddemore of dimension of 68-R interact, it’s priceless.  It may be brief, but they bond instantly over their time in the military. They connect even though one went to the Air Force, and the other went to the Marines. It doesn’t hurt that Burnham continues to move the story forward and leaves this issue with quite the mystery at the end.

Schoening and Delgado continue their eye-catching and radiant work on this issue. The colors are always popping in this series, but Delgado knows when to draw it back when he has to. When Death appears to Egon, he is seen in nothing but a pitch black cloak and nothing but a dull white pupil to stare into. Schoening does a marvelous job of making Death look frightening, and his depictions of the Ghostbusters are spot on. Schoening’s headless horseman and his throwback comicstrip at the beginning of the issue show how versatile he can be as an artist. Whenever Schoening and Delgado are on this series, the reader will never be disappointed because these two know how to complement each other perfectly.

I am enjoying this series from Burnham, Schoening, and Delgado, and I would expect nothing less from this team. The character depictions are on point, and it has the awesome art to pair with it. This series will continue to excel.  The Ghostbusters have a special place in my heart because I have been a fan since I was five years old, but they continue to evolve.  That’s why I continue to read this series, and that’s why everyone else should too.  If the Real Ghostbusters aren’t for you, maybe the Prime Ghostbusters are, and if not them, don’t worry because there are plenty to choose from and you will definitely find the Ghostbusters that are to your liking in this series.


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