Farmhand #2

Writer: Rob Guillory
Artist: Rob Guillory
Colors: Taylor Wells

Someone is harassing Zeke with cryptic signs staked out on his front lawn, as if that weren’t bad enough, Zeke can’t seem to find a job to support his family, oh and of course there are his father’s competitors who want the secret of his seed and will stop at nothing to get It. Meanwhile Jed is having problems of his own. Looks like his seeds have some unforseen side affects.

Rob Guillory has handed us a great addition to the first issue of this series. I love how he mixes the ordinary with the extra ordinary. A family drama in a small town, like something out of a Hallmark movie except the town patriarch grows body parts for a living. The character of Zeke is really starting to stand out for me. He’s just a guy trying his best to support his family, an everyday man but something tells me he’s gonna become more than just ordinary by the time it’s all said and done. I love the almost supernatural mystery element to this story as well. Turns out this quaint little town is just filled up with secrets as I’m sure we will find out more and more as the story goes on.

Guillory and Wells give a great showing of their art in this issue as well. Just like in the first issue, its uniqueness in its looks married with the right doses of color in the right places turns out art that is truly separate from anything else out there.

More and more twists and turns and I’m sure more and more secrets and stand out characters are gonna be revealed as this series goes on, and I personally cannot wait.

8 out of 10

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