Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #5

Writer: Mark Russell
Penciler: Mike Feehan
Inker: Sean Parsons/Jose Marzan Jr.
Colorist: Paul Mounts

Exit Stage Left #5 is an emotional and powerful issue and also has Snagglepuss making some drastic changes in his life.  In the previous issue, Huckleberry was arrested for public indecency.  Not only was he arrested, he was beaten and called a derogatory comment by someone he thought cared about him. This left him in a bad place because his life is now turned upside down.  His face is plastered all over the newspapers, and his life is an open book for everyone to see.  In this issue, it all starts to take its toll on Huckleberry, and it does not end well for him. Snagglepuss, his best friend in the entire world, tries his best to save him, but falls short.  Snagglepuss may not have been able to save Huckleberry, but doesn’t mean all is lost.

Snagglepuss still can make a difference even though he could not save Huckleberry.  Snagglepuss knows he did his best to help Huckleberry, but that isn’t enough for him. He was willing to testify and cooperate with the government in exchange for Huckleberry’s innocence, but all that has changed. Since he couldn’t save Huckleberry, he’s putting everything on the line. He gives the government a piece of his mind and tells them that people should not have to live in conformity and shame.  He may also be setting up the next issue to tell everyone about himself as well because although he is married, he is also gay as well.

This was the best issue of the series so far.  The previous issue held that honor, but there was so much to unpack in this issue.  From Huckleberry taking his own life, Snagglepuss talking to the government, and the last stand he has set up for next issue. Snagglepuss no longer wants to live in the shadows anymore and wants to bring everything to the light.  With the way this issue ended, it seems like the next issue is the final issue. If that’s the case, please do not miss the next issue and pick up this issue too because it was very powerful.