Doctor Strange #1

Written by Mark Waid
Art by Jesis Saiz
Letters by Cory Petit


With Earth’s magic depleting, so is The Sorcerer Supreme. With the advice of Tony Stark, Stephen Strange makes his way into the cosmos in search for a recharge for himself and Earth.

Stephen strange loses all of his ties to magic in one month’s time, starting with his “magic sight” then with his relics and magical items. Even the Sanctum Sanctorum loses it’s magic touch. Strange begins to live more like an every day civilian, almost getting used to the idea that he is done with magic. After a night with Tony Stark, the idea that other planets may have magic that could be used to “recharge” him and the magic of Earth may be possible. With a little help from Stark, Strange makes his way to a planet in the Shi’ar system hoping to find a gleamer of magic. Unfortunately for him, the planet’s natives are not very hospitable.

This book started off strong and fell a bit short once Tony Stark got involved. Mark Waid’s writing was brilliant, the emotional breakdown of Stephen Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme was a great attention grabber, and Jesus Saiz’s art kept everything grounded for a Sorcerer who is literally being “grounded” to mortal status. Doctor Strange’s exploration to Space is just a bit of a stretch, or at least doing so by the means of a space ship. But with his meetings with other sorcerers, it left him with no choice. We can only hope that Doctor Strange finds his magic quickly.


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Clayton Hinojosa
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