Deathstroke # 32

Deathstroke Vs. Batman Part 3

Writer: Chistopher Priest
Artists: Carlo Pagulayan

Batman has warned Slade that Deathstroke is closed, but a mere warning won’t stop Slade Wilson. The two engage in a fight with an aging hero, The Human Dynamo, caught in the middle. Meanwhile the mystery of who really is Damien’s real father deepens.

Priest once again delivers on a back and forth, spy novel type book that is heavy on the intrigue and mystery coupled with good old fashioned villain vs hero fight to top it all off. Trying to keep up with all the twists and turns of this story is almost enough to make a reader’s head spin..almost. Priest delivers his story in such a way that the reader won’t get lost in all the backstory sequences and actually creates a nice story flow that only he can. The Alfred/Wintergreen angle is getting curiouser and curiouser by the issue. What are these two up to? Are they merely trying to save Slade and Bruce or stop them entirely? Only time and a few more issues will tell, I suppose. Look for some of the best back and forth banter between Slade and Batman (while they’re fighting of course).

Pagulayan also delivers once again on his tremendous art for this issue. The character features, the action sequences (really cool by the way), and the overall flow of the art really puts an exclamation mark on this issue. Pagulayan really goes above and beyond to make these characters look great.

The tension is mounting and Deathstroke and Batman don’t look to slow down anytime soon. So strap in readers this ride is far from over.

7.5 out of 10

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