Death Or Glory #3

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Bengal
Letterer: Rus Wooton

After spending a good amount of time developing the story in issue 2, Remender doubles on the exposition with the opening nine pages giving us more background on Red, Glory, and their life before Glory decided to steal from Korean Joe. They achieve this by telling her story in five panel sequences on each page with her narrative to the side. It actually makes the exposition really easy to get through and doesn’t feel like it is too heavy. You are left knowing more about the characters and their motivations than the previous issues. Remender pulls back and shows us that all of this exposition is while Glory and Pablo are preparing to rob Korean Joe yet again and rescue Pablo’s family.

In order to enact their plan, they have set up a diversion in the form of the health inspector. Glory and Pablo, successfully get the money from Joe’s safe, and Pablo finds his niece locked up. Leaving her with Glory, he runs off to find his sister. Glory grabs his niece and a comatose older woman, and attempts to escape from the facility. Only who does she come across? Liquid Nitrogen Man (LNM) from the opening of the first issue, but he is missing his right eye and right arm!! He manages to shoot the comatose woman who falls apart in Glory’s arms. (I’ll be honest it took me a little bit to figure out what was going on because I totally forgot about LNM and his gun). Glory grabs Pablo’s niece and they jump right from the freezer into the frying pan as they escape to the incinerator where one of the “Sisters” is burning the corpses of the victims they have killed. We are left to figure out what is going to happen to Pablo as he may have been spotted by Korean Joe.

Really enjoying where this story is going. The fact that this issue is kind of a bottle episode in which all of the story takes place in Korean Joe’s Chop Shop is a credit to Remender and Bengal. They manage to pack so much action and emotion with Glory and Pablo, just sneaking around this building, enacting their plan and trying to escape. I really can’t say enough about Bengal’s art and the little touches he adds to things. When Pablo and Glory tie up Ken while robbing the safe, Ken’s expression in one panel tells us he is trying mightily to struggle against his restraints. Another panel in which Pablo’s niece kicks LNM in the balls, the next panel he is just bent over with a squiggly line above his head. The looseness of Bengal’s art style, the cartoony but expressive feel to it, adds that frantic and frenetic energy to this issue.

Bringing back LNM definitely surprised me, and I was happy to see that connection coming back to us in this issue. I would be very interested to see Remender peel back the onion on that character and give us some more background. He has packed this issue with action, and the last five pages are just great to read because so much is happening all at once. It gives you the feeling of how desperate Glory is, how she really is backed into a corner here, and just when she thinks it can’t get much worse, it does.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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