Dark Ark #10

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Juan Doe

Shrae has found damned souls in the deeps of the ocean all the Echidna the mother of all monsters would see all of the sorcerer’s family fill her belly. Desperate times therefore call for desperate measures, and Shrae will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt just how desperate a man can be pushed to.

Cullen Bunn has been absolutely spectacular in the series from day one. That goes without saying, and I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but every issue of this series he has brought his A game. This issue is really character driven, particularly Shrae. We get a sense of truly what kind of man he is. Loving father, devoted family man, but also a cunning and scheming individual that will stop at nothing to protect himself and his family as well as carry out this wishes of his dark master. However, we also see a vulnerable side of Shrae in this issue, a side of him that he can’t show the monsters or else they will think him weak. A side of genuine concern for those aboard his ship. Here is a man who is not evil by nature but is capable of doing evil things. He definitely walks a fine line with one foot in the darkness and one foot in the dim light. Certainly we will see not only more layers to the story but even more layers of this character’s persona as we continue on the journey Mr. Bunn is crafting for us.

Juan Doe is on point once again with his art. The characters look absolutely amazing as they have since issue one. Echidna really stands with her look. She just jumps off the page and holds the readers eyes. The damned souls look gruesome in the best way possible, and of course the monsters are looking their best as well. I love how Doe has not used an over use of color. Echidna being the sole exception with her bright red self, its a dreary world and the art reflects the dreariness of this world in the issue. It enhances the feel and theme of the story not to mention the overall mood. I mean the title is Dark Ark not sunshine rainbow ark. In any case Juan Doe does not need to change a thing about what he is doing as far as the art for this book goes.

Good character insight and steady incredible art makes Dark Ark #10 a must have in you pull list.


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