Crowded #4 Review

Story: Christopher Sebela
Pencils: Ro Stein
Inks: Ted Brandt
Colors: Triona Farrell
Letters: Cardinal Rae

Crowded fans it has been too long since I’ve written a review! I am back and still loving this book! Sebela continues to impress with fun and inventive ways that this world has turned into a full app/service based economy. For instance when Vita returns home to find her house burning to the ground and the firemen standing around. The fireman tells her she can swipe for just the regular water package or use the foam for a nominal fee. When she jumps out of the window of her house and has to be saved by the inflatable crash mat, the fire man tells her that it will be added to her bill. Sebela has managed to take something that we take for granted as a public service and turn it into a fee based service with add ons, simply amazing.

Stein’s pencils and Farrell’s colors continue to be absolutely gorgeous. Stein captures the expressiveness of our protagonists perfectly, Charlotte and Vita are drawn so fluid and loose that it brings to mind the Crazy Taxi video game where chaos reigned on screen and we gleefully enjoyed every second of the carnage. Stein’s take on Trotter, a Reapr who is flirting with irrelevance, is a joy to read. She manages to portray his manic energy drink fueled existence without missing a beat. We see him effortlessly move from fear to ecstasy to fading confidence in a few panels, and she is able to make you feel every emotional beat as he is experiencing them. Farrell’s colors match this book without question, with most of this issue awash in bright colors of pinks, yellows, oranges and reds. We get to see her work with a more muted palette at the beginning of the issue, and she continues to impress.

Trotter is going to be an interesting character to explore. I think he will be a great addition to this story and I’m glad Sebela is providing us with some of his backstory. With Charlotte now becoming the Two Million Dollar Girl, her path to freedom becomes much more treacherous. However, this does not seem to bother her as she escapes to a club and links up with a bachelorette party where all hell breaks loose. Apparently one of the activities is skydiving with huge bottles of alcohol (has anyone ever done this? write in if you have.). Which I did not even question because it is exactly what I’ve come to love about this book. The issue ends with Charlotte’s cover being blown and cornered by none other than the bride to be herself. Will Vita come to her rescue? I’m anxious to find out!

Rating: 9 out of 10!

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