Watch the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Super Bowl LII Spot

Every year, Super Bowl commercials are almost an entire event in themselves. People all over the place tune in to see these advertisements, which cost about five million dollars this year for a thirty-second...

New Creative Teams Coming to Justice League, Nightwing, and Green Lanterns

It's a big day for DC Comics news as new creative teams have been announced for three of DC's series!

Jamie Foxx cast as SPAWN in upcoming Reboot, creator McFarlane comments on film’s tone

Todd Mcfarlane, co-founder of Image Comics and creator of the comic book character Spawn, announced today through various social media outlets that Jamie Foxx has signed on to portray the titular role in the...

Greg Rucka is Ending his run on the ‘Wonder Woman’ Comic

Yesterday on Tumblr, Rucka announced that he would be departing as the writer for DC Comics' Wonder Woman book after issue #25.

‘Wonder Woman’ is Officially the Best Performing DCEU Film Domestically

Last night, Wonder Woman made another $2.69 million, which put the film at a total of $330.53 million domestically. Batman v Superman, which held the DCEU record for domestic box office previously, ended at #330.26 million. 

Poison Ivy Gameplay Revealed for Injustice 2

Poison Ivy gets the spotlight in this week's Injustice 2 gameplay video! Her skill set combines her ability to control plant life along with her toxic physiology to make her a formidable opponent. 

Geoff Johns’ ‘Doomsday Clock’ set to Release November 2017

Since DC Comics' "Rebirth" event last year, fans have been wondering when DC will start giving answers to some of the big questions it has left readers with. Events like "Superman Reborn" and "The Button" were expected to provide some new answers, but seemed to have answered them in ways that led to even more questions!

Aquaman and The Flash Movies Will Take Place Post-Justice League

It's been unclear whether or not the future DCEU films will be origin stories, similar to 'Wonder Womam'. It seems like we have an answer thanks to a conversation between Charles Roven and


Check out the First Trailer for 2018’s Animated Spider-Man Film!

After taking up the mantle of Spider-Man, a novice Miles Morales will soon learn that he's stepped into something much bigger than he originally thought.

‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser Trailer has Arrived with a Hilarious Twist!

Deadpool and Bob Ross. The mix I bet no one expected to see is exactly what greeted us to our first look at 'Deadpool 2' when the teaser trailer for the film opened up with a hilarious parody of the legendary painting show.

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