Watch the Final ‘Justice League’ Trailer and new TV Spots!

The final trailer for 'Justice League' was released on Sunday, and it features a ton of new footage, fantastic character moments, and a pretty darn emotional intro.

Jamie Foxx cast as SPAWN in upcoming Reboot, creator McFarlane comments on film’s tone

Todd Mcfarlane, co-founder of Image Comics and creator of the comic book character Spawn, announced today through various social media outlets that Jamie Foxx has signed on to portray the titular role in the...

‘SHAZAM!’ is Filming Now in Toronto

It appears that filming for the upcoming DC film, Shazam! has officially started! Earlier today, David Sandberg shared an image on Instagram from the set in Toronto. Let’s go!⚡️ A post shared by David F....

Dolph Lundgren set to Play King Nereus in ‘Aquaman’

Lundgren will be playing the King Nereus, who hails from the underwater colony of Xebel. Historically Nereus has had a hatred for Aquaman, and won't acknowledge him as King of Atlantis ... 

A Script Rewrite for ‘The Batman’ Isn’t Bad News

'The Batman' is a priority for WB, it's going to happen, and we can trust they're doing everything they can to make this film truly special.


Check out the First Trailer for 2018’s Animated Spider-Man Film!

After taking up the mantle of Spider-Man, a novice Miles Morales will soon learn that he's stepped into something much bigger than he originally thought.

Joss Whedon Steps Down From Directing ‘Batgirl’

Joss Whedon won't be directing a standalone Batgirl film after all. Whedon took on responsibilities to write and direct the film last year. Today, news broke via The Hollywood Reporter that he has officially exited the...

Hollywood Adapting Gerry Duggan’s Analog

With only two issues out, movie studio, Lionsgate has optioned Image Comics Analog into a feature length film. Lionsgate has tasked Director Chad Stahelski (John Wick) with bringing the story to life on the...

Geoff Johns’ ‘Doomsday Clock’ set to Release November 2017

Since DC Comics' "Rebirth" event last year, fans have been wondering when DC will start giving answers to some of the big questions it has left readers with. Events like "Superman Reborn" and "The Button" were expected to provide some new answers, but seemed to have answered them in ways that led to even more questions!

Aquaman Underwater Footage Revealed by Zack Snyder

Today is 'Justice League' director Zack Snyder's 51st birthday! But instead of asking us for gifts, he gave us gift by giving us a sneak peek at an underwater scene with Aquaman from 'Justice League'! 

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