DC Comics Releasing ‘Action Comics #1000: 80 Years of Superman’ Companion Book

This year marks a major milestone in the world of comics—Action Comics will hit 1000 issues. Action Comics #1000 also marks 80 years of Superman; his debut being made in Action Comics #1, released on...

Mark Strong and Grace Fulton in Talks for ‘Shazam!’ Roles

A lot of fans were happy to hear last week that Zachary Levi was cast as Shazam, and today reports have come in that Mark Strong (Green Lantern, Kingsman: The Secret Service) and Grace Fulton (Annabelle: Creation) are in talks to join the cast as well.

Ciara Hinds Gives New Insight Into Justice League’s Main Villain: Steppenwolf

Steppenwolf, the main villain for the upcoming Justice League film. In an interview with The Independent, he confirmed this role and gave some new insight into what Steppenwolf will be like. 

Ben Affleck Won’t be the Director of ‘The Batman’

Today Ben Affleck has officially announced he will not be directing 'The Batman' according to an interview with Variety.

Willem Dafoe Talks About Playing Vulko in the DCEU

In an interview with Screen Crush for his new movie, Death Note, Willem Dafoe divulged some details about his role as Vulko in 'Justice League' and 'Aquaman'.

Is Black Widow Finally Getting Her Own Solo Film?

According to a report by Variety, Marvel Studios has enlisted Jac Shaffer to write the script for a standalone Black Widow film.

VALIANT releasing ‘Bloodshot: Rising Spirit’ in anticipation of SONY MOVIE DEAL

At the recent 2018 Denver Comic-Con, David Menchel (assistant editor of Valiant Comics) dished on the publisher’s 5-movie deal with Sony Pictures that will finally take its first steps to fruition in a couple...

Watch Gal Gadot in action in the new ‘Wonder Woman’ Sneak Peek

A brand new look at the upcoming Wonder Woman film accompanied last night's episode of Gotham

New Marvel Animation Franchise Kicks off with ‘Secret Warriors’

Marvel Entertainment is set to launch a new animation franchise in 2018 titled "Marvel Rising".

Source Close to Ben Affleck Confirms He’ll Still Star in ‘The Batman’

A source close to Ben Affleck also told Buzzfeed that nothing has changed since his statements at Comic-Con, where he said he was "the luckiest guy in the world" to play Batman, and that he's "thrilled to do it."

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