First Look at Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in ‘Aquaman’

Our first official look at Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in the upcoming 'Aquaman' film.

Scarecrow & Captain Cold Join the Injustice 2 Roster in New Gameplay Video

A new gameplay video featuring villains in Injustice 2 has officially confirmed Scarecrow and Captain Cold (veteran villains of Batman and The Flash respectively) for the Injustice 2 roster.


New ‘Black Lightning’ Premiere Teaser Released

An official new teaser for The CW's upcoming 'Black Lightning' series was released this morning. The 41 second teaser gives insight into the premise of the show and shows off some great action sequences.

‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ Already Has 5 Episodes Recorded!

Nolan North, the voice of Superboy in Young Justice, confirmed at AwesomeCon that Young Justice Season 3, now officially titled Young Justice: Outsiders, has already recorded five episodes!

New Spider-Man PS4 Teaser Trailer Reveals Additional Story Details

A new trailer for the Playstation 4 exclusive Spider-Man game from Insomniac Studios games was released for Paris Games Week 2017. The teaser sheds new light on elements of the story, the open world gameplay, and the connection between Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Poison Ivy Gameplay Revealed for Injustice 2

Poison Ivy gets the spotlight in this week's Injustice 2 gameplay video! Her skill set combines her ability to control plant life along with her toxic physiology to make her a formidable opponent. 

‘Doomsday Clock’ Covers Revealed by Geoff Johns!

Geoff Johns revealed the covers for Doomsday Clock #1 by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson.

This ‘New Mutants’ Trailer is Creepy and Awesome

The first trailer for next year's X-Men Movie, The New Mutants, is here and it's intense to say the least!

Marvel to Bring Jean Grey Back with ‘Phoenix Resurrection’

Marvel Legacy is set to bring back some classic fan-favorite characters, including the original Jean Grey!

‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser Trailer has Arrived with a Hilarious Twist!

Deadpool and Bob Ross. The mix I bet no one expected to see is exactly what greeted us to our first look at 'Deadpool 2' when the teaser trailer for the film opened up with a hilarious parody of the legendary painting show.

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