Ciara Hinds Gives New Insight Into Justice League’s Main Villain: Steppenwolf

Steppenwolf, the main villain for the upcoming Justice League film. In an interview with The Independent, he confirmed this role and gave some new insight into what Steppenwolf will be like. 

‘Teen Titans: Judas Contract’ Review (Spoiler-Free)

Teen Titans: Judas Contract faithfully uses themes and plot points from the original comics to bring a fresh, retelling of the story to a modern audience. 

Melissa Rauch to Voice Harley in ‘Batman and Harley Quinn’

A report has been released by Empire stating that Melissa Rauch (Big Bang Theory, I Love You Man) will play the voice of Harley Quinn in the upcoming animated film Batman and Harley Quinn.

Joss Whedon in Final Talks to Direct Batgirl Film

Joss Whedon, best known for his work on Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron is reportedly in talks to direct a Batgirl film for Warner Bros.

Commemorative Edition of the Animated Wonder Woman Film Coming in May!

The critically acclaimed 2009 Wonder Woman animated film is being released in a new, Commemorative Edition this May! 

The First ‘Justice League’ Trailer Has Arrived!!

While it has been 8 months since we've seen any new footage from the upcoming 'Justice League' film - it was well worth the wait! The first official trailer dropped this morning giving us some truly spectacular new footage as well as a firm handle on the tone and theme of the movie.

A Script Rewrite for ‘The Batman’ Isn’t Bad News

'The Batman' is a priority for WB, it's going to happen, and we can trust they're doing everything they can to make this film truly special.

Matthew Vaughn Being Eyed to Direct ‘Man of Steel 2’

Today, Collider has exclusively reported that 'Kingsman' director, Matthew Vaughn, is being eyed by Warner Bros. to direct the upcoming Superman stand alone film.

New ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Has Been Released!

With a little less than three months away from 'Wonder Woman' finally hitting the big screen, we've got our third, and possibly final, trailer for the much anticipated film!

Aquaman and The Flash Movies Will Take Place Post-Justice League

It's been unclear whether or not the future DCEU films will be origin stories, similar to 'Wonder Womam'. It seems like we have an answer thanks to a conversation between Charles Roven and

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