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The Flash #21 Review

With Reverse Flash dead and Batman taking a beating, it's time for The Fastest Man Alive to do some investigation inside the Batcave. What will be uncovered next? Spoilers ahead, skip to the thoughts section...

Detective Comics #955 Review

All hope truly does look lost for the Batfamily in "The League of Shadows", with every member of the team falling. The last hope seems to be Cassandra Cain aka Orphan with the last...

Kamandi Challenge #4 Review

Kamandi is in yet another bad situation and it's up to Tynion and D'Anda to get him out of it! What craziness will we get into this issue and where will Kamandi be left...

Batman/The Shadow #1 Review

While some may not know it, The Shadow has been around for 87 years at this point. Making his name on pulp novels and radio shows in the 30s, with a fandom larger than arguably...

Injustice 2 – Chapter 2 Review

Injustice 2 Chapter 2 brings back fan-favorite heroes, and continues Harley's Suicide Squad storyline. But due to some uncharacteristic surprises, new readers might be caught off guard to the dark undertone of the Injustice universe.

Trinity #8 Review

Trinity #8 suffers from disjointed storytelling, some awkward art, and mechanical dialogue, but despite all of that it's still an interesting read and a seemingly important chapter in the Superman Reborn Aftermath.

Nightwing #19 Review

“Nightwing Must Die” has been a love letter to old school fans of Nightwing and Grant Morrison’s 2009 Batman and Robin series. Seeley continues the nostalgic feeling of the previous three parts of the story arc and presents another well written chapter.

Superman #21 Review

Character development continues to shine in Superman #21, but the plot suffers due to an overload of content. That said, there was still enough coherent story told to still have me excited for the next issue.

Nightwing #19 Review

In Nightwing #19 Dr. Hurt is back and he has taken Damian, hostage. Dick must finally face off against his own fears, his own reflection, Deathwing! Nightwing has been one of the better DC Rebirth...

Batman #21: The Button Part One Review

The long awaited crossover event "The Button" has finally kicked off with Batman #21. This story arc is one of the most anticipated comic book events of the year, and will follow Batman and The Flash as they investigating the button Batman found in DC Comics Rebirth #1.

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