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Nightwing #33 Review

Nicely drawn art married with an action packed story sets up the ending of this arc to the fullest.

Trinity #15 Review

Absolutely great story with great art gives us just a great superhero story from start to finish. 

Batwoman #9 Review

Witty dialogue, a unrelenting character with an iron will and great colorful art make for a really good book that no reader should miss.

Justice League #33 Review

Cyborg gives the team a shot to defeat the Bat Team, but it may come at a heavy cost.

Batman #35 Review

The 3 issue story came and went, and I quite enjoyed it. I hope this art team stays together and handles some more big stories because frankly, they produce beautiful imagery.

Wild Storm #9 Review

"Where the hell is this story going?" isn't usually a compliment, but as I read each mystery begins five additional mysteries and dern it if I'm not onboard for every bizarre twist. 

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #16 Review

With a unique art look combined with a great mystery story Batgirl and the Birds of Prey # 16 is a definite worthy read.

Batman: Lost #1 Review

This book may come at a $4.99 price tag, but I believe it is definitely worth it. Batman: Lost has been one the better tie-ins to Metal, so pick it up and enjoy the awesome story. 

Mister Miracle #4 Review

Mr. King and Mr. Gerads know how to tell a great story and Mister Miracle #4 is great example of this.

Slots #2 Review

This is the best break I’ve found from all the superheroes and fantasy titles out there ( nothing wrong with them just saying). It’s just one heck of a story with wonderful art and it’s getting better and better with each issue.

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