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Glitterbomb The Fame Game #2 Review

Zub, Morissette-Phan, and Russell have a real good story on their hands and I can’t wait to see how it all ends.  The first issue did a real good job of setting up the story and this issue does a nice job of moving the plot along.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #31 Review

I hope Zircher and Wright never get taken off this title. Their art is incredible! The detail, the colors, it’s all perfect and logically follows the flow of the book. Pick this title up it’s definitely worth it.

The Flash #33 Review

The Flash and Steel defend a portal to the Dark Multiverse from the followers of Barbatos to preserve a way for Superman and Batman to return.

Batgirl #16 Review

Batgirl and Nightwing figure out who the Red Queen is in an issue that is bound to really hit you in the gut.

Detective Comics #967 Review

We have learned that Tim Drake is in fact not deceased. He is in the prison of Mr. Oz somewhere outside of time. Mr. Oz encourages Tim not to go back to the life that he so desperately wants to return to.

Wonder Woman #33 Review

Grail and Darkseid who are the only real characters in this one. Grail narrates her activities caring for baby Darkseid and killing off the children of Zeus for their old God energy.

Justice League of America #17 Review

The League has reached the ignition point of the quantum storms that has been destroying the Microverse.

Teen Titans #13 Review

What is this all about? Fresh off the heels of "Gotham Resistance" the metal tie in. Damien is working on making the team ready for anything! The Review Opening with Damien fighting holograms of the team. He...

The Wicked and The Divine Vol. 1 Review

Overall, it is the story of the Recurrance, all of the twelve gods and what’s next for them, that has me looking forward to Vol 2.

Batman #33 Review

If this issue is any indication, Batman will continue to be a great book. The combination of King, Jones, and Bellaire will be something great. King has a great grasp on all of these characters and Jones/Bellaire combo will be killer.

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