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BLACK [AF]: America’s Sweetheart Review

Usually when I read a graphic novel, I break it up into chunks and spread my reading out throughout the day.  When I started reading Black AF America’s Sweetheart, I just couldn’t stop reading it. 

Detective Comics Annual #1

This annual was simply amazing. Definitely include this issue in your pull for the week. 

The Flash Annual #1 Review

This book represents the first material attempts to confront several important issues since the start of Rebirth.

Blast From the Past Reviews: Action Comics #9

Action Comics #9 Cover Artist: Fred Guardineer Writer: Jerry Siegel Artwork: Jo Shuster  This issue is a direct follow on from issue 8, as the police hire a dodgy private detective with a sterling track record to help...

Southern Bastards #19 Review

The story continues to amaze and the art continues to match the gritty tone of the book. The duo of Aaron and Latour can do no wrong when it comes to this superb series, so I’ll always forgive the schedule this book has. 

Redneck #9 Review

With a deep psychological angle married with edgy art, this issue is sure to deliver a great reading time for any comic fan.

Detective Comics #973 Review

Detective Comics has been reliably fantastic. James Tynion IV brings so much depth to each of these individually unique characters and creates a dynamic between them that is splendidly attractive.

Action Comics #996 Review

The pairing of Booster Gold and Superman really works. Their competing goals highlights the differences in the two. Booster protects time; Superman is ready to fight injustice at every turn.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #37 Review

Robert Venditti and his team of artists never fail to bring a title to life.

The Flash #39 Review

This was the most enjoyable Flash book since Rebirth started.

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