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Nightwing #22 Review

Nightwing #22 was a good opening issue to “Blockbuster”, and is definitely worth getting if you are a Nightwing fan and want to see his next big adventure.

Superman #24 Review

The town is under siege by giant bug-like aliens, Lois lost a leg in the battle, pretty much everyone has been captured but Superman and Manchester Black is back. Oh, yea and he has Jon...

Batman #24 Review

The Button has come to a close, Claire has been saved, and we have The War of Jokes and Riddles on the horizon. Batman #24 comes in as a filler style issue, wrapping up...

Dark Knight III Master Race #9 Review

Riddled by delays and a not so hot critical reception, Dark Knight III The Master Race has finally come to a close. At this point I'm not even sure why I pick this title up...

Wonder Woman Annual #1 Review

Since Wonder Woman Annual #1 is a collection of short stories, I'm going to break this review down by each story & their respective creative team.

Redneck #2 Review

In book one we see a little back story of our Southern Vampires. Who they are and what they have experienced. With Slap now dead because of something that Uncle Bartlett might have done, it's...

Underwinter #3 Review

BLOOD HAS BEEN SPILLED. Blood, Traps, sex, violence. All the beautiful things we have to come to expect from this series. There is a recurring nightmare for our musicians that is their lives at the...

Detective Comics #957 Review

Spoiler has been "grounded" by Batman to give her time to grieve the "death" of Tim Drake and clear her head. However, the events of the Victim Syndicate impacted her and helped convince her that superheroes aren't helping the world; they're making it worse. Now, outside of the Batfamily, her mission is to stay two steps ahead of them and ultimately prove they are not needed.

Deathstroke #19: The Lazarus Contract Part 3 Review

"The Lazarus Contract" continues this week with Deathstroke #19. After drawing the Speed Force from both Wally Wests, Deathstroke is now the "fastest killer alive" (self-titled). The Titans and Teen Titans struggle to come up with a plan to take Deathstroke down, and new light is shed on the origin of the so-called "Lazarus Contract".

Wonder Woman #23 Review

This is it, the conclusion to "The Truth" with everything coming to a head how will Wonder Woman's origins hash out? Minor spoilers ahead. Right away let's take a second to admire that first page...

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