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Redneck #1 Review

Redneck Texas Vampires. Yes, please. We start our story out listening to the thoughts of a Vampire giving his life story. Retelling history as he saw it when he was there for it, in a...

God Country #4 Review

In God Country #4 we take a trip to Hell, with Balegrim taking Dee in order to get Valofax back for his father, he might soon regret this decision. While Emmet is on a trip...

Action Comics #977 Review

Action Comics #977 puts “The New World” story arc off to a great start as Dan Jurgens seems to be winding up to deliver another powerful story about the Man of Steel.

God Country #3 Review

A quick recap of God Country so far... Emmet, the father of Roy, had Alzheimer's is now cured by carrying The God of Blades, Valofax. He obtained said sword when a demon riding a tornado...

Injustice 2 – Chapter 1 Review

Injustice 2 Chapter 1 sets the series on the right path thanks to good pacing, exceptional writing from Taylor, and top notch art from Renado.

Detective Comics #954 Review

As if the Bat Family's ranks weren't already thin, the last issue we lost Batwoman, Clayface, and Orphan, leaving Batman as the last man standing. Oh, yea and Ra's Al Ghul showed up in...

The Flash #20 Review

With Flash coming up on the new "The Button" story arc this issue is mostly a filler/teaser for the story after the event. Last week we saw Barry finally reveal himself to Wally after...

Green Arrow #20 Review

Green Arrow #20 concludes a story that had a lot of potential, but misses the mark due to rushed storytelling and a general lack of character depth.

Rose #1 Review

Before we get into the review here is a quick synopsis of Rose #1. This should give you a general feeling for what the story is about, you will find our review below. SERIES PREMIERE A...

Superman #20 Review

Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason have put together another solid issue that continues to make Superman stand out among the rest of the Rebirth titles. Superman's core values and characteristics are proudly displayed as a new chapter in his Rebirth continuity begins. 

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