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Dark Days: The Forge #1 Review

The prelude to the comic summer blockbuster Metal has arrived. Oh boy, it is a doozie, this is one cram packed issue with something for everyone. The all-star creative team really does something special here,...

Wonder Woman #24 Review

With Godwatch coming to a finish Wonder Woman #24 ties off all the loose ends. Not only that but it sets up a lot of characters for the future after Greg Rucka leaves this title. Now...

Action Comics #981 Review

With Superman stuck in The Black Vault General Zod is out for REVENGE! Will Superman get out of The Black Vault in time to stop him! Let's find out in this weeks action comics! General...

Aquaman #24 Review

Everything Aquaman has been through in Rebirth has led to the events of Aquaman #24. Abnett has written another compelling story that goes straight to the heart of who Arthur Curry is.

Superman #24 Review

Superman #24 brings us one step closer to closing out one of the strangest Superman arcs in Rebirth thus far. This is part 5 of 6 in "Black Dawn", and we're finally starting to get some explanation about what the heck has been going on. 

Green Arrow #24 Review

Green Arrow #24 concludes "The Rise of Star City" with a story that will change Oliver Queen's life. It's not the best issue in this title, but it proves that Benjamin Percy and Juan Ferreyra can make weaker issues seem stronger with their exceptional creative dynamic.

Nightwing #22 Review

Nightwing #22 was a good opening issue to “Blockbuster”, and is definitely worth getting if you are a Nightwing fan and want to see his next big adventure.

Superman #24 Review

The town is under siege by giant bug-like aliens, Lois lost a leg in the battle, pretty much everyone has been captured but Superman and Manchester Black is back. Oh, yea and he has Jon...

Batman #24 Review

The Button has come to a close, Claire has been saved, and we have The War of Jokes and Riddles on the horizon. Batman #24 comes in as a filler style issue, wrapping up...

Dark Knight III Master Race #9 Review

Riddled by delays and a not so hot critical reception, Dark Knight III The Master Race has finally come to a close. At this point I'm not even sure why I pick this title up...

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