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Nancy Drew #1

Written by, Kelly Thompson Art by, Jenn St_Onge Colors by, Triana Farell Letters by, Ariana Maher Recap (Spoilers ahead) The author sums up Nancy’s inner conflict with the following statement: The more things change the more they stay the...

Iron Fist #76 Review

The whole creative team did an incredible job of delivering an exciting chapter to an already exciting arc and leaving us anxiously waiting for the conclusion of 'Sabretooth: Round Two'.

Analog #1 Review

Story by Gerry Dugan Art by David O' Sullivan Colors by Jordie Bellaire Set in a future where privacy no longer exists due to the cloud being destroyed and exposing everyone's secrets, people have resorted to more...

The Flash #35 Review

This is an emotionally packed and meaningful story. The Flash will need to be as smart as he is fast to navigate the future as things unfold.

Detective Comics #952 Review

In Detective Comics #952 the League of Shadows along with Shiva have finally arrived. Kicking off an action packed issue, we see Ra's Al Ghul talking with Shiva as a lead into why this...

Detective Comics #962 Review

What will become of our heroes in the Intelligence Finale: Judgement Day? Will Azrael overcome his inner demons? Will Ascalon rise up and purge Gotham of sinners? Find out in this week’s Detective Comics...

Harley Quinn #38 Review

This issue is automatically all right in my book for bringing the Condiment King back into the mix. In fact, this whole issue is a delightful smorgasbord of B-list Batman villains wreaking havoc in New York.

Harley Quinn #42 Review

Writer: Frank Tieri Artist: Mauricet Colors: Paul Mounts Spoilers Ahead! I’ve been excited for this issue ever since Frank Tieri teased it on Twitter a few weeks back. It certainly lives up to expectations, delivering a fun twist...

Barrier #5

Written by Brian K. Vaughan Art by Marcos Martin Colors by Muntsa Vicente In the last issue of Barrier, Liddy and Oscar found themselves in a planetarium of some sort on the alien ship. In this conclusion, Liddy...

The Flash #39 Review

This was the most enjoyable Flash book since Rebirth started.

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