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Deathstroke # 26

All in all this was a very good issue I'm happy to say; full of great dialogue coupled with superb art. This issue really wets my appetite for the next one.

Batman Annual #2 Review

This Batman comic will not be for anyone who wants bloody fights, action, adventure, or killer crocs, but it has a lovely Tom King version of Bat/Cat romance that will be enjoyed by a certain type of reader.

Batman #31 Review

One more issue to go in this epic Bat story and what do we have? Batman, Riddler, and Joker in a Good, Bad, and the Ugly tango.

Batman #5 Review

Being King's first arc, this feels like a solid beginning to his run, with his slow burn storytelling we really are just getting into the meat of it. Bringing in the JLA to a Batman comic is always a tricky proposal, yet King manages to do it with grace, using them to show how powerful this foe truly is. Ultimately it was not the JLA or even Batman that defeats Gotham, instead of something more astute.

Wonder Woman #39 Review

This issue provides a lot of clues about Darkseid and Grail's plans while further developing the tension between Diana and Jason. While the story chops and changes a little abruptly, the magnificent art does not miss a beat.

Dark Ark #9

Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Juan Doe Echidna, the mother of all monsters, has come to claim the Dark Ark of Shrae the sorcerer and all the humans on it. While trying to bargain with the beast,...

Batman Kings of Fear #1 Review

Written by Scott Peterson Pencils and Inks by Kelley Jones Colored by Michelle Madsen In this first issue of the new six part mini series Batman Kings of Fear, we take a trip back in time to...

Batman #32

The big finale of the "War of Jokes and Riddles" arrives on shelves this week. We get answers, at least Catwoman's big Y or N with this conclusion and maybe, for some of us...

Saga #54 Review

Written by Brian K. Vaughan Art by Fiona Staples This was the last issue of Sage before Vaughan and Staples take a year long "intermission". This issue will also conclude volume 9. This may have been...

Nightwing #33 Review

Nicely drawn art married with an action packed story sets up the ending of this arc to the fullest.

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