Jonah Hex Yosemite Sam Special #1 – PopnComics

THE TRUTH SPEAKS Oh my lordy lord, I'm feeling every one of these last 39.95 years I've been walking this earth, folks.  I've been slipping, telling LIES on the podcast, sleepwalking, and as previously revealed, farting...

Batman / Elmer Fudd Special #1 Review

THE TRUTH SPEAKS Holy guacamole, how you doing folks?!  We just wrapped another episode of the pod, and I am juiced to the teeth on Monster energy.  Check it out people, subscribe to the PopN'Comics...

Wonder Woman #25 Review

After piecing together a masterful story on Wonder Woman, issue 25 brings Greg Rucka's run to a close. Tidying up *most* loose ends and leaving some open for the next creative team that is...

Black Magick #6 Review

After a very long hiatus, Black Magick is back with an all new Arc! As Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott depart Wonder Woman they return with Black Magick, ironically both come out June 28th....

Super Sons #5 Review

Super Sons #5 delivers a great story that captures the qualities of Superboy and Robin that make them so different and so alike simultaneously. This title continues to be a delight, and something I truly look forward to picking up every month.

Exploring Why Thomas Wayne From Earth-Two Ever Turned to Drugs

There have been many versions of Thomas Wayne, the father of Bruce Wayne/Batman. The most infamous version is the one where he is Bruce's father and ends up dying alongside Bruce's mother, Martha, in an alley way in ...

An Interview with Marv Wolfman

We got the chance to ask Marv Wolfman some questions about his amazing career, the impact of Crisis on Infinite Earths, and how it feels to see his characters in live-action!

Lobo Road Runner Special #1 Review

THE TRUTH SPEAKS Beep, Beep motherfunker, The Truth is back!  It's hijinks in the desert and in space as LOBO, interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter encounter the legendary Looney Tunes duo, Roadrunner, and Wile E....

Nightwing #23 Review

Nightwing #23 was a good read with a satisfying ending, strong story development, and intriguing world building.

Green Lanterns #25 Review

Thanks to a great script, solid story setup, and phenomenal art, Green Lanterns #25 is a shining example of the best qualities this title has had throughout Rebirth.

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