Postal #23 Review

This issue may have been light on action, but it was definitely essential because it lets the reader knows more about Mark, Issac, Chris, and Laura. If you are not reading Postal, please do yourself a favor and pick it up immediately. I have been reading since issue #1 and have picked up every issue since.

Southern Bastards #18 Review

Southern Bastards continues to be an amazing comic.  It may not have the most consistent schedule, but there has never been a bad issue in this series. This issue is definitely a must have because Roberta’s quest for vengeance seems to be ramping up, and it is not to be missed.

Justice League #30 Review

This is a fantastic arc, and anyone not reading it already sure is missing out. Whatever happens in the next issue or two is bound to have a lasting impact on the Justice League for some time to come.

Harley Quinn #29 Review

Harley Quinn starts her mayoral campaign in earnest, but Scarecrow gets in the way. This issue begins what is sure to be an entertaining arc for Harley.

Deathstroke #24 Review

Not an awful story and it does move the arc along with good supporting art and a nice little ending to keep us wondering what will happen next.

Green Lanterns #32 Review

I totally love Sam Humphries’ work, and I am by no means taking a stab at him right now, this issue just felt very out of place next to the work we’ve seen thus far from him.

Green Arrow #32 Review

This issue was great. It picks up right after the Suicide Squad tie-in. The art is fantastic and we see some images of the Batman who laughs that no one should ever see.

All Star Batman #14 Review

In this issue, Alfred tells us about the sacrifices he’s made, the relationships he’s lost, and enemies he’s faced.

Batman #32

The big finale of the "War of Jokes and Riddles" arrives on shelves this week. We get answers, at least Catwoman's big Y or N with this conclusion and maybe, for some of us...

Superman #32

What is this all about? In this issue, Deathstroke arrives in Metropolis to threaten Lois in order to draw Superman into a fight. His enhanced suit fails early in the engagement with Superman, however, his...

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