Justice League of America #17 Review

The League has reached the ignition point of the quantum storms that has been destroying the Microverse.

Teen Titans #13 Review

What is this all about? Fresh off the heels of "Gotham Resistance" the metal tie in. Damien is working on making the team ready for anything! The Review Opening with Damien fighting holograms of the team. He...

The Wicked and The Divine Vol. 1 Review

Overall, it is the story of the Recurrance, all of the twelve gods and what’s next for them, that has me looking forward to Vol 2.

Batman #33 Review

If this issue is any indication, Batman will continue to be a great book. The combination of King, Jones, and Bellaire will be something great. King has a great grasp on all of these characters and Jones/Bellaire combo will be killer.

Longbox Scavengers #8

https://soundcloud.com/longboxscavengers/lbsp-8 https://soundcloud.com/longboxscavengers/lbsp-8   More Info By Tom Zimm

Titans #16 Review

Whether you’re a Titans fan or not this is a good issue and it is worth a read in fact it’s worth several reads.

Shirtless Bear Fighter #5 Review

In case you didn’t catch the pattern I was going for I really hope these characters come back but in the mean time take a break from superheroes and what not and enjoy this fine piece of its so ridiculous it’s good fun.

Trinity #14 Review

All in all this is still a great story arc to read and it seems to be getting better with each issue so if I were you I wouldn’t miss out on any more Trinity.

The Wild Storm #8 Review

Another stunning chapter in the most bizarrely beautiful "grounded" sci-fi adventure on current comic book shelves is here.

Harley Quinn #30 Review

Harley is back on the campaign trail in full force, but she may be out of the race sooner than we anticipated.

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