Justice League Vol. 4: Endless Review

All in all, this is a good volume for anyone who wants to read some (mostly) solid stand-alone stories about DC's most popular superhero team

Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen Vol. 1 Review

As a complete Dr. Who novice, I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of the Doctor’s incarnations nine through twelve.

Elsewhere #2 Review

What is this all about? Here's another series that I'm jumping into my critique during the second issue, but hot dang, this is a fantastic series. Elsewhere is pure imagination and it is...

The Shocker Appreciation Society

I love the Shocker. No, no, no. I didn’t mean that Shocker. Get your mind out of the gutter. For shame all of you, for shame. I am talking about my man Herman Schultz. That is...

Batman #30 Review

Batman #30 is a shining example of Tom King's unique ability to give an emotional and compelling story to a character no one seems to care about.

Celebrate Jason Aaron’s Run on ‘Star Wars’ with this Cover Flip Video

In honor of Jason Aaron's incredible run on Star Wars, Marvel released this cover flip video today featuring all the talented artists who have contributed throughout this run.

Green Lanterns #30 Review

While not without fun and entertaining moments, Green Lanterns #30 has so much story potential that is mostly lost due to an over-saturated plot and under-developed battle scene.

Green Arrow #30 Review

Not much happens in Green Arrow #30, but tstrong dialogue and character development from Percy and some great art from Schmidt make this a fun issue overall.

A Brief History of DC Comics’ Hawk and Dove

While fans have been familiar with previously announced characters like Nightwing, Raven, and Starfire, most were probably not familiar with Hawk and Dove. So, we wanted to give you a brief history about Hawk and Dove so you'll all ready for their first live-action appearance!

Harley Quinn #27 Review

What is this all about? We got ourselves a fill-in issue! When we last left Harley, she had announced her intentions to run for Mayor or New York City. Those plans take a...

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