Dark Nights: The Batman Who Laughs #1

This was the best out of all the one shots for DC Metal.  James Tynion IV knows how to write the Joker and this is further proof of that.

Black Science #33 Review

Black Science #33 has everything you could want in a single issue. It gives you great action sequences, character development, and you’ll definitely feel a tad bit sad, but it’s worth it.

Super Sons #10 Review

One of the most interesting aspects of the Super Sons story has been seeing the influence that their fathers have on Jon and Damian. This story was no exception; it is the highlight of the book. 

Superman #35 Review

The courage of Super Boy maintains me throughout this story. Will this be a coming of age moment for Super Boy?

Nightwing #33 Review

Nicely drawn art married with an action packed story sets up the ending of this arc to the fullest.

Trinity #15 Review

Absolutely great story with great art gives us just a great superhero story from start to finish. 

Batwoman #9 Review

Witty dialogue, a unrelenting character with an iron will and great colorful art make for a really good book that no reader should miss.

Justice League #33 Review

Cyborg gives the team a shot to defeat the Bat Team, but it may come at a heavy cost.

Batman #35 Review

The 3 issue story came and went, and I quite enjoyed it. I hope this art team stays together and handles some more big stories because frankly, they produce beautiful imagery.

Wild Storm #9 Review

"Where the hell is this story going?" isn't usually a compliment, but as I read each mystery begins five additional mysteries and dern it if I'm not onboard for every bizarre twist. 

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