Super Sons #4 Review

Jon and Damian have been captured by Kid Amazo and it is now time for the battle royale! Will these two be able to work together long enough to save the day? Kid Amazo has...

Teen Titans #8 Review

We are in part 2 of this 4 part series, Wally West is in shambles mentally after learning that his father was the reverse flash. Feeling as though Barry Allen has betrayed him by...

Geoff Johns’ ‘Doomsday Clock’ set to Release November 2017

Since DC Comics' "Rebirth" event last year, fans have been wondering when DC will start giving answers to some of the big questions it has left readers with. Events like "Superman Reborn" and "The Button" were expected to provide some new answers, but seemed to have answered them in ways that led to even more questions!

Justice League/Power Rangers Review (Issues #1-3)

If you're a regular reader on this site or if you listen to The DC Dudes Talk, you certainly know about my unhealthy obsession with The Power Rangers.  My last article was about my recent mission to watch every episode the series.  So, when I heard that Boom Studios was joining forces with DC to make a Power Rangers/Justice League crossover, I was sold immediately.

Titans #11 Review

This month’s crossover event, “The Lazarus Contract,” begins with Titans #11 - which serves as a good kickoff.

Batman #22 – The Button Part 2 Review

Batman #22 is an emotional and compelling Batman story, but ends up feeling irrelevant to "The Button" crossover and leaves a lot of open-ended questions for Flash #22 to have to answer. 

A.D.: After Death Vol. 3 – PopnComics

After Death is not your typical Graphic Novel, in fact, I would argue that it is transcendent of that. It is a mix of prose and Graphic Novel, by which Scott Snyder and Jeff...

Wonder Woman #22 Review

I have been committing a cardinal sin for the past few months, in that I have not beeing keeping up to date with Wonder Woman. That all ends today as I am completely caught...

Detective Comics #956 Review

The Bat Family has been reunited and now they are all ready to face off against Shiva and The League of Shadows! But what about The Colony and Ra's himself, what plans lurk in...

All-Star Batman #10 Review

With two arcs of All-Star in the books, Snyder turns his focus over to Alfred Pennyworth for the third arc. With a mystery that hearkens back to his younger years in the current day. Alfred...

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