Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #22 Review

Story: Julie Benson & Shawna Benson Artist: Roge Antonio Colors: Marcelo Maiolo Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #22 does just as the title of the arc suggest and brings us Full Circle as we see our Birds...

Postal #23 Review

This issue may have been light on action, but it was definitely essential because it lets the reader knows more about Mark, Issac, Chris, and Laura. If you are not reading Postal, please do yourself a favor and pick it up immediately. I have been reading since issue #1 and have picked up every issue since.

Green Lanterns #46 Review

Green Lanterns #46 Story: Tim Seeley Art: V. Ken Marion Color: Dinei Ribeiro Cover: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, & Andrew Dalhouse Variant Cover: Brandon Peterson In Green Lanterns #46, Simon fights his way through the Green Realm to try and...

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe again #2

We all know the fun loving, joke telling, slicing and dicing Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool, but in Deadpool kills the marvel universe again #2 he seems to be going through some identity...

Batman: The Devastator #1 Review

Batman: The Devastator #1 works on a lot of different levels, but the driving force behind this book is the emotionally charged story Tieri and Tynion crafted to shed light on the motives of this Batman/Doomsday hybrid.

Gideon Falls #1 Review

It feels so good to see Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino working together again. When these two creators come together something special happens, and that trend will continue on Giedon Falls.

Batgirl #17 Review

BATGIRL #17 REVIEW Writer: Hope Larson Pencils: Chris Wildgoose Inks: Jose Marzan Jr. and Andy Owens Batgirl #17 closes out the Summer of Lies arc with a potent message about drugs and a lackluster final fight. At the...

Batman: The Red Death #1 Review

If you are reading the Dark Nights: Metal books at all, get this now. The story and the art make this book worth owning by itself.

Action Comics #994 Review

Action Comics #994 Dan Jurgens, story and pencil art Art Thibert, Trevor Scott, Johnny Desjardins, and Joe Prado, finished ink art Rob Leigh, letters Hi-fi, colors Recap: As the issue begins, Booster Shot and Superman are on Krypton after traveling...

Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands #2 Review

Everyone should definitely be reading this because of the story, art, and some of the real world issue it tries to address. 

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