Bingo Love Review

Bingo Love should win best OGN this year.  I know it’s only February, but this book has it all.  It has great writing, fantastic characters, and it has beautiful and vibrant art.  But most of all, it’s a relevant story for any person of color that has struggled with expressing their love for a person of the same sex. 

Iron Fist #77 Review

This was such a great issue and an amazing arc for Iron Fist. The whole team worked very well together to make this one of the series on my pull list that I made sure was bought the day it came out.

Wonder Woman #40 Review

If you picked up Part 1 and 2 of "Swan Song", then you must grab Part 3. It's just as good as the previous two parts and is even better considering the villain cameo we get, not to mention what happens to Jason at the very end of the issue.

Titans #20 Review

Titans #20 Written by Dan Abnett Art by Paul Pelletier Inks by Andrew Hennessy Colors by Adriano Lucas PREVIOUSLY... Last issue the Justice League pressured Nightwing into disbanding the Titans and leaving their watchtower as fears grew about the...

The Dark Knights Rising: Wild Hunt #1 Review

This issue is intense and complex, with plot twists and surprises you won't expect, married with art that stands out as some out best yet. The reader will be drawn into this issue very much and be clambering for more by the end.

Sideways #1 Review

While I am all for originallity and bringing new characters into the DC Universe and bringing something fresh, this first issue was a bit weak on writing.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #19 Review

This issue read like Barbara’s prelude for the actual Full Circle story, and I am excited to see how the Birds recover from this.

The Flash #40 Review

The Flash #40 Written by, Joshua Williamson Art by, Carmine Di Giandomenico Colors by, Ivan Plascencia Letters by, Steve Wands Recap (Spoilers ahead) The issue begins with a large image of Grodd, then of him sitting on a thrown demanding...

Action Comics #997 Review

Action Comics #997 Written by, Dan Jurgens Pencils by, Brett Booth Inks by, Norm Rapmund Colors by, Andrew Dalhouse Letters by, Rob Leigh Recap The current story-arc began when Superman’s father Jor-El arrived on earth saying that he’d escaped Krypton...

Xenoglyphs Vol. 1 Review

This is a story for everyone to enjoy because it contains action, a good narrative, unique relationships with well-rounded characters, and has a twist of the mystical element as well.  Let’s support this book so we can see these two creators tell their whole story because it would be a shame not see this story told in its entirety. 

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