Brian Michael Bendis Has Signed an Exclusive Deal with DC Comics

DC Comics made the official announcement this morning that Brian Michael Bendis, known for his monumental work with Marvel Comics, has signed an exclusive, multiyear deal with Marvel’s top competitor, DC Comics.

This news came as a major surprise to fans, with some pleased that Bendis will be working on new characters with DC, and others are disappointed (to say the least) that he’ll no longer be writing for Marvel. Since Bendis has been such a major player at Marvel for so long, and has created iconic characters such as Jessica Jones, Miles Morales, and Riri Williams, it’s no surprise that this move is creating waves in the comic book community.

There hasn’t been any announcements as far as what Bendis will be working on initially, but there’s no shortage of available stories at DC Comics for Bendis to pick up and run with.

What do you think of this move for Bendis? Are there any books you’d like to see him work on specifically? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!