Beach Blanket Bad Guys Special #1 Review

Written by and Art by a whole lot of people. Check the list here.

Summer is here in full force so that means it’s time once more for DC Comics seasonal one-shot special, but this time instead of short stories involving your favorite heroes, we get 10 short stories centered around the beloved baddies of the DC universe.

For most of us summer time is bright, sunny and full of sandcastles and fun, but as we see in this collection, a villian’s vacation can be dark, sad and down right evil.

I went into this book expecting to read some campy and corny short stories featuring random members of DC Comic’s rogues gallery, but after reading the first story titled “Worst Finest” which stars the Joker vs Bizzaro in a battle of wits vs grit, and reads like a Batman vs Superman parody book, I knew we had something special here.

The artwork in “Worst Finest” was action packed in every panel as Joker and Bizzaro battled it out, and I absolutely loved the dark, twisted and realistic aesthetic to both the characters and atmosphere. My favorite part of “Worst Finest” is the character designs. The Joker was menacing and reminded me of the Batman who laughs. The Joker’s Robin was old, out of shape, and talked like a 1920’s mobster. Meanwhile Bizzarao looked liked a warped version of Henry Cavill

My favorite short in this one-shot collection was “Cruel Summer” written by Tim Seeley, which is a Gorilla Grodd story that gives us a look back at Grodd as a child. It shows us what Grodd’s mother would sacrifice for his life, how selfish the world can be, and it also provides us with a motivation for Grodd’s wicked actions. The artwork in “Cruel Summer” really helped sell the story to me on an emotional level, with heart wrenching flashback scenes drawn with extreme attention to detail, one panel in particular might even bring a tear to your eye.

Ultimately I think that Beach Blanket Bad Guys is worth the pick up and read, as you get 10 entertaining stories, written and drawn by both veteran and upcoming talent, spread across 80 colorful pages. Some stories do stick out stronger than others, but I feel like there’s enough here to pique anyone’s killer instinct. Some of the stand out stories to me include, the crime syndicate in “Independence”, Giganta in “Giganta Strong”, and Black Manta in “Icy Embrace”.

Overall I give DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Special #1 a 7 out of 10

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