Batwoman #18 Review

Written by Marguerite Bennett
Pencils and Inks by Fernando Blanco
Colored by John Rauch

Wow! First and foremost I wanted to say how strong and powerful this issue is, and how truly sad I am to see this beautiful series come to an end so soon. With that said, I feel this was one of the best wrap up issues I’ve read in quite some time. This issue had it all, a look at the past and a brief glimpse of the journey it took for Kate Kane to get to this point in her life, a vision of the future that could be, as nothing is ever truly written in stone, and the decision for Kate to focus on the present and be the best person she can be here in the now.

We picked this issue up right where we left off in #17, the Clock King ordered his followers to attack Batwoman and Renee Montoya at the masquerade party he was hosting where he was selling a drug named Kairo that allows a person to see a moment in the future. The fight that follows is fun to read as Batwoman delivers a top notch speech. You can tell she’s not messing around and that at this moment Batwoman is as confident as shes ever been, and that she’s even stronger when she has Renee at her side, whom she can fully trust to handle her own.

The artwork throughout the fight never skips a beat with the fast paced action that does a great job at letting my mind fill in the blanks enough that it’s almost like I’m watching this battle go down in animation. I think the artist did a fantastic job at capturing the very focused, “I’m not F#^king around” rage that Batwoman was letting loose on the Clock King and his followers. I also enjoyed Renee’s more precise and delicate approach to fighting which she managed to pull off in a beautiful white strapless dress and heels. That’s gotta be a superpower because it’s no easy feat.

One of my favorite parts during the story is seeing how perfect, Batwoman and Renee work together, and even more important is how well Kate and Renee connect and bond together in their personal lives. It warmed my heart seeing the flame reignite and start anew between this couple that seem destined to be together. For as strong and courageous as these two women are when they’re fighting crime, neither was afraid to let their guards down, open up and put themselves in a vulnerable position, being true with their emotions, and to me that’s what real strength is

Ultimately I felt like this was the perfect spend off issue for Batwoman, but I also feel like this could serve as the source of her next great adventure. I feel like there’s too much here and too much to look forward to for us to stop here and now with this series. I do hope we see a Batwoman and Renee Montoya book sometime in the near future, especially given that Batwoman will soon be played by actress Ruby Rose, in her first ever live action tv show, later this year on the CW as apart of the Arrowverse.

I have to say that writer Marguerite Bennett seems to truly have a great love and understanding of what makes Batwoman so great, and she has left me wanting more, yearning to see what may have come next, or even what might. As the message of this story arc says, don’t worry about the future, don’t dwell on the what if’s or what could have beens, focus only on the here and the now, the present, and make that as beautiful and worthwhile as you can.

I give Batwoman #18 a 10 out of 10

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