Batman Who Laughs #2 Review

Written by Scott Snyder
Pencils and Inks by Jock
Colored by David Baron

There’s a war going on in the streets of Gotham City, and all the major players are named Bruce Wayne. The Batman Who laughs #2 tells the story of 3 Batmen, the main Batman from our universe facing off against two twisted versions of the dark knight. First off is the titular character The Batman Who Laughs, who is a Bruce Wayne from the Dark Multiverse who became corrupted by The Joker serum and seeks only to destroy everything in his path. This time he’s teaming up with a special friend he’s been saving for just this occasion, The Grim Knight: a Batman who as a child in Crime alley took Joe Chill’s gun and saved his parents by killing Joe, but this sent him down a path that turned him into nightmarish killing machine.

Throughout the events of this issue we mostly follow the main Batman who is desperately trying to to save his city from these two Knightmare Batmen who seem to have big plans for Gotham city. As if these two weren’t enough trouble, Batman also has to fight off the Joker virus which has affected him and is slowly transforming him the same way it morphed The Batman Who Laughs into the monster he currently is. Batman isn’t the only one in his fight to save Gotham as we also see Jim Gordon stepping up to help Batman out any way he can, even if that means turning to a very unlikely source for help, which I won’t spoil here, but trust me it looks to be promising and fun.

The artwork in this issue is very dark and detailed and features a fair amount of shadows that helps give this book a certain attitude and feel to it that fits the subject matter well. This story is by no means rainbows and shine sun and thus the artwork does a great job at reflecting that by giving us something to be afraid of. That sadistic smile on the face of the Batman Who Laughs, it’s enough to to haunt your dreams while sending a chill down your back, although that might just be the feeling of his cold knives slicing through your spine as he does with so many of his victims.

Overall I’d say Scott Snyder and friends have done a great job at starting something special here as he further expands on the mythos and lure of The Batman who laughs, while he also introduces us to other new and previously untold Knightmares from the Dark Multiverse, this time in the form of The Grim Knight. Only time will tell how this story shakes out or if these two Knightmare Batmen will have the same long term staying power as so many other great Batman villains have, but with Scott Snyder at the helm I have faith that this story will find its way into the hearts of fans.

I give The Batman Who Laughs #2 a 7 out of 10

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