Batman White Knight #8 Review

Writer/Artist: Sean Murphy
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Letterer: Todd Klein

Sean Murphy and company sure ended this series with a bang.  White Knight was a series that took its time to get started, but once it found its footing it really took off.  That’s something that most miniseries, or any title, can take away from this book, and that is finishing on a strong note. With the way this issue wrapped up it, Sean Murphy left more than enough meat on the bone for a sequel. But before I get carried away with a sequel to this title, I would like to look at all the things that made this issue spectacular.

Joker and Harley have shining moments in this issue, and it was lovely to see.  When most think of Joker and Harley, one can’t help but look at the chaotic relationship they have, but that wasn’t the case for this series.  Murphy changed the dynamics of their relationship and did so for the better. This issue was a perfect example of them showing their love for one another even if it was done while Joker was Jack Napier. Although the dynamic of their relationship may have been built on deceit, it was still nice to see them in a different light. 

Batman also came to some different realizations as well in this issue.  Batman showed in this issue that he can put aside his ego and do what’s best for Gotham. He was able to fight alongside the Joker and the GCPD, showed that he truly needs Babs and Dick in his life, and also showed that he can be brutally honest with himself.  The final pages of the book show Bruce as being vulnerable and able to make a tough decision about who he really is as a person.

Sean Murphy truly showed that he has great grasp on Batman and the world he has developed for him.  He was also able to end this miniseries with a good twist which will hopefully set up everything for the next White Knight series.  His version of Batman started off so bitter and distant, but it showed that he could change his ways with the help of those around him because Batman is a better character when he has a strong support system.  The art was just amaze balls as usual with Murphy and Hollingsworth at the helm.  The art never disappointed in this series, and to see all the Batmobiles again and Gotham on ice was just beautiful. Check out this issue and wait patiently for the sequel to this fantastic title.