Batman #64 Review

Written by Joshua Williamson
Pencils and Inks by Guillem March
Colored by Tomeu Morey

This issue is one that I’d say requires you to have read or have knowledge of the ongoing events that both Batman and The Flash have been going through for the past few months, as well as the events of Heroes in Crisis. Without having an understanding of what’s been going on, I feel like this issue would be hard to follow and understand what’s happening and the emotional baggage that has been brought into this crossover tie-in event.

Batman #64 takes a mid-story arc break from the Knightmare Story that began during issue #61 and instead focuses on the events of Heroes in Crisis. This time the book is being written by Joshua Williamson, the writer of The Flash comic. In this issue we see Batman fighting alongside The Justice League to take down a group of prototype Amazo robots, but during the battle Batman starts to see flashes of heroes who lost their lives during the Sanctuary tragedy, and this shakes Batman to the core forcing him to leave right after the fight as he makes his way to central city. It’s there where Batman works with The Flash to find the person who attacked The Flash Museum. As we see the two butt heads, we wonder if Batman and Flash can put their feelings aside long enough to solve this mystery before someone pays the price.

This story is one filled with grief and guilt and the weight of responsibility that is forced onto the shoulders of Batman and The Flash. We see both heroes feeling the losses and turmoil they have recently went through and see how each deals with these complex emotions. It seems like they are on edge and about to crack at the seams. I feel like these feelings and emotions are very fitting themes for this crossover event as this series serves as a tie in to Heroes in Crisis. The overall theme of that story is also about the sacrifices and pain our heroes go through as well as the long term mental effects these actions have on our heroes.

The artwork in this issue is handled very well, and it has this feeling of motion and action to it that makes the book feel like something is always happening in a fun and fluid way. I really enjoyed this new artistic take for the Batman series. As much as I liked the art in this issue, there are a few panels and pieces of art that do feel a bit off to me. Sometimes it’s an issue of a color being a little off for a character or a slight proportion issue on how a character’s body is drawn, but I don’t think any of these small issues are enough to make you question the art, but I felt it was enough that it was worth mentioning.

Overall I think this is an excellent and exciting chapter in the ongoing story of Batman and The Flash that pushes the journey forward toward a path that is filled with all the answers we’ve been waiting for and wondering what mysteries have been kept hidden from us. My favorite part of this issue has to be Batman and Flash’s interactions, as the two drop the smiles and bs and get right to the point. It was very rewarding seeing them confront each other so they can get past their hang ups in an effort to find the answers they’ve both been seeking for several months. As a first chapter in a four part arc I’d say writer Joshua Williamson has truly hit the ground running, and I, for one, cannot wait to get to the location this journey will take us.

I give Batman #64 a 9 out of 10

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