Batman #63 Review

Written by Tom King
Art by Mitch Gerads

When we last left Batman, he and Alfred were both attacked in the Batcave by what appeared to be Bruce’s father Thomas Wayne in a bat suit of his own. We then start Batman #63 as Bruce awakens and sees that he’s captured and being tortured by Professor Pyg, but as we learn throughout this story, things aren’t always as they seem.

During the events of this issue we are offered a unique way in which the narrative is presented to us and the way the story is being told. We get to learn and understand what Batman is thinking while handling a situation such as this. We get an insight into the mental play by play and pre planning that happens inside Bruce’s mind. Through the dialogue we see how Bruce evaluates and reassesses what’s happening around him and how to best handle the situation. During my first read of this issue I was initially unsure how I felt about this story telling style, but after my second read through I really enjoyed this fresher take on the way the story is presented and I think it’s pretty cool getting to see what’s going on inside Bruce’s mind, hearing his plan happen on a fly, while he’s also thinking about his loved ones and his overall mission as well as how this situation relates to the grander story being told.

The artwork in this issue is visceral and real, a brutal masterpiece with blood soaked pages, not for the faint of heart. With Professor Pyg involved, things will always tend to be filled with death and gore, and the expert way in which these panels are drawn is handled with such craftsmanship by artist Mitch Gerads that every twist of the knife and splashing of blood feels real which truly helps bring this story to life. Every panel in this issue is so beautiful and vivid, it makes you feel like your in some kind of psychedelic fever dream, distorted and confused just as Batman is at this time. So when you combine the artwork with the inner dialogue narrative of the story telling, you feel like your observing things how Batman views them, and I really liked that effect, whether that was the intended goal or not.

Ultimately I feel like this issue does a pretty good job at recapping and reassessing what’s going on currently in Tom King’s run of Batman. We learn what happens to Batman after he was attacked in the cave during issue #61. We push the story forward but are also left with many questions. I enjoyed the unique method of storytelling that gave us a look into the inner monologue of the Dark Knight and how he views and handles his issues at hand. The artwork was incredible and reminded me of Gerads’ work on Mr Miracle which was also written by Tom King, and that series was amazing so I guess that shows you how dynamic of a duo these two truly are when they work together.

I Give Batman #63 a 7 out of 10

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