Batman #52 Review

Written by: Tom King
Art: Lee Weeks
Colors: Elizabeth Breitweiser
Letters: Clayton Cowles

Have you ever “talked” to Batman?

Eisner winners King and Weeks continue to impress with ‘Cold Days’. King’s newest arc draws a heavy influence from 12 Angry Men. As we left off from issue #51, Bruce is the only jury member who doesn’t believe Mr. Freeze is guilty. This issue gave us excellent insight on Bruce Wayne and Batman. Bruce has to examine his methods as Batman. As the issue progresses, it becomes clear that in this case Batman went too far. Seeing Bruce fight for Freeze was an interesting dynamic. His point of the 11 other jurors giving the guilty verdict based on Batman’s assumption is a good one. How do they know Batman was right? Coming off of his failed marriage attempt, Bruce should have listened to Alfred and stayed home that night.

Through this issue, it showed previous fights between Freeze and The Bat, which was awesome. King did a wonderful job of establishing that, in this instance, Freeze was afraid of Batman and was seeking him out. Freeze knew he had to defend himself. My favorite part about this book is Bruce breaking down Freeze and Batman’s intentions. Seeing Bruce being a detective and use his genius is something I’ll always love seeing.

Finally, After Bruce seemingly talks to every juror, they get to Freeze’s confession. Bruce goes into the night his parents die. Using this story of what inspired him to be Batman, he seemingly convinced the group that Batman went too far and used excessive force on Freeze. Thus making the confession and arrest null and void. Does this mean that everything Bruce has done as The Dark Knight is a lie? How will Bruce provide proof that Batman isn’t the hero Gotham needs?

Art: What more can you say about Lee Weeks? A King and Week partnership is gold. Weeks’ art complements King’s story tremendously. He draws Batman and Freeze great. The emotion that is portrayed in Batman’s facial expressions is wonderful. Weeks deserves all the praise. He is an amazing artist.

Overall: 8/10. Fascinating parallels between 12 Angry Men and this issue. Loved Weeks’ art and how King showed Bruce’s investigative and detective skills. A couple of lines of dialogue stood out to me. “This is Gotham Kid, keep the gun” and “Have you seen anyone “talk” to Batman” I also would of loved to see more Dick under the Cowl in this issue. Overall, issue was great.

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