Batman #48 Review

Written by Tom King
Pencils, Inks, and Cover by Mikel Janin
Colors by June Chung
Of course, it’s Joker time… In the recent era, Joker has been a troublesome character for me as a reader. Since I became a fan during the Tim Burton-Animated Series period, my preferred take on the character has been lost in the world of print. Scott Snyder made Joker a bit too “Pennywise”, and current writer Tom King presents a Joker that is sick & twisted, lacking any hint of humor. Now these are perfectly fine options, and I’m sure lots of readers out there love these recent takes, but I’m finding it difficult (especially since the dreadful “War of Jokes and Riddles”) to look forward to the lead up to Batman #50 and the wedding of Bat/Cat with a two-part Joker story.
Oh dang, this is a doozy of a Joker comic…not a compliment. With the exception of an opening character praying and a single word utterance from Batman, Joker practically monologs the entire issue. This is a tiring reading experience. The whole chapter takes place in a church where Joker is killing innocent people to maybe get the attention of Batman.
Of course, Batman shows up but doesn’t save anyone while the church is disgustingly covered in limp, lifeless bodies. The Joker talks so much in the comic that I wanted to stop reading at several points. All of this blabbering is meant to get Joker to the point where he asks Bat about his choice of “best man”. BLEGH. Joker escapes and outside Catwoman is waiting for Batman, but she is really probably just going to save him because she is one of the few characters Tom King hasn’t ruined for me.
Batman #48 is a slog and not even fun to look at as the art is on the average side…or maybe I’m just so very tired of looking at this team’s version of Batman. Still I hope the wedding issue is a fun event and worth the tedium of sifting through these last several arcs.
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