Batman #47 Review

For the culmination of a trio of terrible issues featuring Booster Gold vs. the world of alternately twisted Bruce Wayne, Batman #47 puts us out of our misery. Oh boy… each page turn is a turn towards finally being done with the time travel hell that writer Tom King is mind warping us with. After the blood soaked final page of #46, we have a long way to go… how do we reach the end? Well, let’s investigate shall we?
Time jumps another year ahead from the murderous final page of #46 to where this chapter picks up. Alternate not-Bat Bruce Wayne is taking target practice while formulating a plan to take Skeets and Booster back in time to stop his (alternate again) parents from being killed in the Catwoman/Batman death splatter of previously mentioned last issue’s conclusion. UGH…so again with the ill thought out Back to the Future meets Peckinpah scripting does this book turn.
Before I wrap up this rundown, let me pause and call out a few of the things I liked about this comic. The variant cover by Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts is silly glorious fun, the kind this mostly humorless comic doesn’t deserve. Second, Tony Daniel’s art is pretty great, almost every panel crackles. The mountain man-hostage beard of Booster is awesome and a redesign element that I might wish to be included on the character for real. Finally, while I generally dislike most of the dialog, Skeets is a lot of fun.

This finale concludes with a trip back to “classic” Bruce in the form of himself as a child leaving the movies with his parents right before they get killed in the alley. The alternate Bruce and Booster go back to the origin timeline and WELP – BANG! – somehow it all goes according to plan. Except the plan is to kill alternate not-Bat Bruce? I guess I’m a little confused…why…why…why? What is the real point to this three-part story? Back before the Source Wall broke, I didn’t think I would say this, but let’s get to the Bat/Cat Wedding already!

6.5 out of 10
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