Batman #46 Review

I may have mentioned last time we all gathered for a Batman reading that Booster Gold is not one of my favorite characters in the best of stories, and what we have in “The Gift” is not a great story. Part two of this tale of violent buffoonery arrives this week, buckle up, it’s about to get ugly.
As the unfortunately dark and troubled alternate reality opens, we find our timeline jumped ahead one year. To back up just a bit, Booster Gold is in a Gotham overrun with destruction, the Wayne’s are all alive, Batman is a Dick Grayson gun wielding maniac, and Jason Todd sells anti-joker technology. It is not a safe place to be a Booster. Selina Kyle is also a complete psychopathic serial killer. Booster has a simple plan in this chapter: have Bruce meet Selina in a rom-com “meet cute” fashion. Of course the main problem is that this world is ultra-violent and not the least bit “cuddly”.
While Booster tries to arrange romance, a side plot involving the health of Thomas Wayne plays out. Now, the only saving grace (other than stellar art by Tony Daniel & Co.) is that when I stop and think, this is about as “realistic” as a Gotham world might be if Bruce Wayne grew up rich with living, breathing parents. Bruce loves his parents…we get that…the rest of the horror is left unanswered.
The conclusion to this installment is a Tarantino-esqu blood-bath. In a disturbed alternate reality, the mad killing Catwoman and vigilante Bat are very likely how these characters would act when in the same room as each other. No further spoilers. Booster would also totally screw up the world, as time travel is probably not ok to mess with. Anyway, the art is pretty great to flip through, but this is just not a story for me…I prefer¬†Flashpoint.
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