Astonishing X-Men #13

Written by Matthew Rosenberg
Art by Greg Land and  Oscar Bazaldua

On his road to redemption, Havok hits a few bumps in attempts to becoming a hero again and creating his own X-Men team. This was a great start to a new team-up in the Astonishing X-Men title. Havok’s diminished hero status leaves room for growth in not only Havok himself, but the trust in heroes in the Marvel Universe. His interactions with the Avengers and others at the X Mansion shows everyone is still a bit on edge with him, and there’s a lack of respect even though he was once a Team Leader.

It was really hard not to feel bad for Havok in this book. Matthew Rosenberg really pushed Havok into a corner in this issue. I understand that Tony Stark on a good day is still a jerk, but to have him call Havok a doofus on national television was a bit much. I do have to laugh at the fact that Rockslide got under Havok’s skin after a really inspirational “be your best self” hero speech. Even one of his proclaimed best friends, Hank McCoy, questioned Havok on his motives when he was approached.

From cover to cover this book was genuinely excellent with its art. Land, Leisten, and D’armata worked fluidly in this book from proportions to lighting and coloring. With issue thirteen technically being this new team’s “number one” issue, I feel it was super important to hit the mark on the art just as much as the story. Every new location Havok visited actually felt and looked different, which helped the story show how far Havok was willing to go in order to become a hero again.

It has been years since Alex Summers was a hero again, getting the chance to see how he approaches the world that is basically against him will be an interesting read for sure.


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