Aquaman #37 Review

Written by Dan Abnett
Art by Ricardo Federeci
Colors by Sunny Gho

Have you been keeping up with Aquaman lately? If not, let me catch you up. Corum Rath is the king of Atlantis and has the power of the Abyssal dark and wants to destroy anyone who dares challenge his new rule.

This issue focuses on how Vulko finally convinces the Elders in the catacombs to help stop Rath and support Arthur as the rightful king now that Rath is no longer just an Atlantean. Arthur himself comes up against Rath twice in this issue and delivers what looks like fatal blows, only for Rath to shake off both parries.

Dan Abnett’s story is equal part history and action this issue as he seemingly starts to put his heavily serialized run into a faster gear, although, we have been fooled before, right readers? I don’t know if he sees this as his magnum opus or not, but this run reminds me of the New 52 run Brian Azzarello had on Wonder Woman, which I did love, but I read that over a period of two weeks where there was no wait time for the next issue, and I think that played a big part in my reading experience. Maybe that’s how this run will be appreciated best? (i.e at a later date in trade form).

Switching to the art, Ricardo Federeci’s pencils and Sunny Gho’s colors do not disappoint as they combine to present a hauntingly beautiful but dark Atlantis. I know this art style is not everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t dismiss its unique charm. It really fits the story and the setting perfectly in my opinion.

This issue was a bit tedious and overly grandiose for me in parts, but I still liked a lot of it enough to give it a thumbs up. I’m missing Mera though, and I know she has her own mini series that dovetails with this arc, but I still would like to see her more often in the main Atlantis title.

6.5 out of 10